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"It's Over Your Head" Astronomy Radio Program

Current (November 14, 2007) Broadcast: audio (mp3), or text (pdf).
BROADCAST TIME: Wednesdays at 8:20AM and Thursdays at 4:00PM.
Listen Live to KSER 90.7FM by clicking here.
"Thanks for the listening you provide. I drive a lot, and it's great to educate myself at the same time...." - Jim
"Dear Celestial North: Your Quantum Universe series is excellent. Over the years I have listened to your program on KSER with great enjoyment. My son now listens to it religiously, which makes me even happier!" - Norm Puri, Woodinville WA
Listen to nearly 20 hours of online audio on a wide variety of space/astronomy topics!
Read online transcripts covering more than 275 subjects!
"It's Over Your Head": JPL Solar System Ambassadors "In the News"
Exclusive Interview: "A Tour of the Quantum Universe with Dr. Persis Drell"
Special Edition: Evolution and Intelligent Design and Kitzmiller v. Dover: Intelligent Design on Trial
Listen to our Special Interview of Mark Wolverton, Author of "The Depths of Space"
Listen to Special Interview of Robert Zimmerman, Author of "Leaving Earth"
"It's Over Your Head" is Celestial North's weekly radio program covering all things astronomical. The show airs during radio prime-time each Wednesday morning at 8:20AM, and again at 10:30AM Sunday mornings. Each episode is 5-1/2 minutes in length. You can listen live via the web by clicking here.
The show has aired continuously now for over a decade on KSER 90.7 FM radio. 

Until 2001, the program was recorded at the KSER studios. But we wanted to be more creative with our program, and to do so meant having more control over production. So Greg bought a mixer board, some microphones, and computer software to manipulate and mix the voice tracks with our background music and the occasional sound effect. We now record in Greg's home "sound studio", burn the show to CDROM, and deliver it to the station for airing.

SkyAndTelescopeFeb2003.jpg (391152 bytes)

Now a production of Celestial North, for the first several years of its existence the show was written, performed, produced, and engineered by a dedicated staff of volunteers from the Everett Astronomical Society and the Seattle Astronomical Society.

In addition to listening real-time on the air or over the web, we also maintain an audio archive of past programs, as well as transcripts of the broadcasts.  To listen to and/or read past shows, simply click one of the links on the left.

"It's Over Your Head"
appeared in the February 2003 edition of Sky and Telescope magazine as part of an article about astronomy radio programs and online astronomy.



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